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Tips For Learning A New Language // Tips Para Aprender Un Idioma Nuevo

Although starting a new language is exhilarating and super fun, it can often be frustrating and confusing to take the first steps. For this reason, today I bring you different alternatives to get a little out of study books and classes and thus be able to learn more on your own.

Aunque empezar un nuevo idioma es estimulante y súper divertido, muchas veces puede resultar frustante y confuso dar los primeros pasos. Por eso, hoy les traigo distintas alternativas para salir un poco de los libros de estudio y las clases y así poder aprender más por su propia cuenta. 

Change the language of your devices // Cambiarle el idioma a los dispositivos

This is a fairly easy way to learn new words every day, although it maybe a bit confusing at first.

Esta es una manera bastante fácil de aprender nuevas palabras todos los días, aunque al principio pueda ser un poco confuso.

Movies, shows, podcasts or youtubers // Películas, series, podcasts o youtubers

A key to learning a new language is exercising your ear, and get used to how a native speaks. Therefore, watching and/or listening movies, shows, podcasts or youtubers gives us the opportunity to become familiar with pronunciation and vocabulary. In addition, (except for the podcast), if you addsubtitles to the products you consume, you can also learn to "read" -in a certain way- in that language.

Algo clave para aprender un nuevo idiomaes ejercitar el oído, para poder acostumbrarse a como habla un nativo. Por eso,ver y/o escuchar películas, series, podcasts o youtubers nos da la posibilidadde familiarizarse con la pronunciación, el vocabulario. Además, (exceptuando alpodcast), si le agregas los subtítulos a los productos que consumís, también podes aprender a "leer" de cierta manera en ese idioma. 

App Tandem (Free // Gratis)

It is an app to meet people from all over the world and practice languagesby chat, audio or videocall. In the profile, you must put what language/s you're learning, which ones you know and what level you have (beginner-intermediate-advanced).It’s a very good tool to speak with natives and you can also make friends fromother countries.

Es una app para conocer gente de todo el mundo y practicar idiomas por chat, audios o videollamda. En el perfil hay que poner qué idioma/s estás aprendiendo, cuáles sabes y qué nivel tenes (principiante-intermedio-avanzado). Es una herramienta muy buena para hablar con nativos y también podes hacer amigos de otros países. 

News // Noticias

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, searching for newspapers in thatlanguage (it may be about a topic you like) is super good for practicingreading and, also, finding out what happens in countries that speak thelanguage you are learning.

No importa si sos principiante o intermedio, buscar periódicos en ese idioma (puede ser de algún tema que te guste) es súper bueno para practicar la lectura y, además, enterarte que pasa en los países que hablan el idioma que estás aprendiendo.

5 Phrases // 5 Frases 

Another idea is to write down five sentences (or more) of what you dideach day, in the language you are studying. It is ideal to try not to repeatthe vocabulary and wait until completing the sentences to correct the grammar.Afterwards, it is advisable to pronounce the sentences aloud and, that way, youpractice the pronunciation.

Otra idea es anotar cinco frases de lo que hiciste cada día, en el idioma que estés estudiando. Es ideal tratar de no repetir el vocabulario y esperar hasta completar las oraciones para corregir la gramática. Después, es aconsejable pronunciar las frases en vos alta, y, así practicas la pronunciación. 

Listen to music in that language //Escuchar música en ese idioma

It’s a fun way to learn and discover new music. Doing this, you canunderstand the titles of the songs, look for the lyrics and see their meaningand, if you dare, even sing it. If you don't know a lot of music in thelanguage you are learning, on Spotify or Youtube it’s very easy to search forlists created by other users.

Es una manera divertida de aprender y Así podes entender los títulos de las canciones, buscarla letra y ver su significado y, si te animas, hasta cantarla. Si no conoces mucha música en el idioma que estás aprendiendo, en Spotify o Youtube es muy fácil buscar listas creadas por otros usuarios. 



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  1. Excelentes recomendaciones, me encanta porque cada día es más fácil lograr mayor inmersión.


  2. Yo estoy estudiando francés ahora mismo. Algo que me ayuda mucho es apuntar todo el vocabulario para estudiarlo y seguir a influencers francesas. Disfruta del verano ♡

  3. Awesome tips. I watch telenovelas to keep up with my spanish.

  4. Listening to music is literally the best way to learn a language. I may not know what the words mean but I know that I can sing the lyrics! And then when you know the song fully in the language, you get a different kind go buzz when you sing it.
    Love this post! Sometimes, I listen podcasts in foreign languages because I like how it sounds, odd.

    1. I know, right?! it's great because you end up knowing the lyrics for all those times that you listened the song

  5. Thank you for the tips, I have difficulties in learning a new language. This post is very useful for beginners!
    Lots of love and stay safe ♥ January Girl

  6. Thank you for the tips! I've been starting to learn Korean and your post gives me some motivation!
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  7. Thank you for sharing all of your tips! This is such a helpful post! :)

  8. Movies and shows are a great way to help you learn a new language! x


  9. I used to learn Spanish and I would love to go back to it! Or to learn some French!

    1. Oh, you should totally do it! Both are such a beautiful languages :)

  10. Oh just what I needed! I've been trying to learn Dutch and I do find having your phone settings changed to that language not only helps you pick up on some common words, but also just reminds you constantly of your intention to learn it!

    Thank you for the reminders and tips! xx

    Jo | With Risa

  11. Thank you for sharing this great advice. I think music can really help a person learn, especially with how words should sound.

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