lunes, marzo 12, 2018

Easy Workout Tips On A Daily Routine

Being healthy and staying in shape while working or/and studying most of the day can be really hard. So today I bring you some tips to bring on your daily routine. There are really small actions that can get a really big impact in your fitness life. I hope that they are helpful and I'd love to know your own tips!

  1. Ride a bike or walk to work: this doesn't mean that you have to walk all the way to work if it's miles away from your home. But maybe you can get off the bus, subway or even park your car a few blocks away and walk a mile or two to your work. And if you don't live that far and own a bike you can totally use it (and it's better for the environment). 
  2. Take the stairs: I know, an obvious one. But it's so simple and it really makes a difference! It's a great way to burn calories for free. And it also helps increase your stamina (which is the pshysical or mental energy that allows you to do something for a long time), and strengthen leg muscles. Maybe if you are not use to it you may be out of breathe when you reach your floor, but as the days pass you'll be able to improve your fitness levels. 
  3. Stand when you can: if you have a desk, try to stand whenever you can. Maybe while you have calls or meetings. And if you have to talk with a colleague instead of talking to them via e-mail or text, walk to their desk and stand while you talk to them. 
  4. Take fitness breaks: maybe doing a tutorial on yoga stretches (that improves your strength and flexibility, and reduce stress). Here is an example of an exercise you can do while working (and if you search online, you'll find a loooot more): Sit up straigth on your chair and engage your abs. Stretch your left arm across your chest, holding it with the right hand just below the elbow. Keep shoulders relaxed and breathe deeply. Hold this position for 10-30 seconds and repeat on the other side.
  5. Drink more water: a lot of times we confuse thirst with hunger, so before reaching for a snack, drink a glass of water that'll help you stay hydrated. Also, drinking cold water can help burn some calories. 


sábado, marzo 03, 2018

Why This Movies Should Win // Estas Peliculas Merecen Ganar

I am pretty proud of myself this year for finally be able to see a lot of movies that are nominated for the oscars this year. So, after seeing like 15 movies I have something to say about the ones that deservers to win some awards. If you're obsessed with movies like me, you'll probably have your opinions so I'd love to read them in the comments below:

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