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Blogging Process

Hello everybody! I hope you're having a great saturday. The process of making a new post is always super fun but there's a lot of hard working too. You need to do a series of steps to finally have the post you imagine in your head. So here is my process for making a new post:

  1. Thinking the idea: I have a notebook that I carry with me everywhere because I have ideas for new posts all the time, in all the places. Having a notebook is super important for me because you can see your idea more clearer and it's so much more organised.
  2. Writing all the things you're going to need in order to make the post: I do this in the same notebook where I wrote the idea. I write where I need to go, what pictures I want to take, I research about the idea that I have and if, for example, I need to go to certain place, I search when it's open, how much it costs, etc. 
  3. Go and to them: this is one of the most fun part about the blogging process, is amazing when you go somewhere new, or try something you've never done before. You grow, and your blog grows too, because you have new experiences to share. 
  4. Collect all you have and write the post: so, now that you have all the things that you collect when you went and did the idea, you can sit in your desk and let your words flow to creat a brand new post. Make sure to know what you want to transmit to people, to let them know the idea that you have in the first place. 
  5. Publish it and visit others blogs: one you click publish, visit other's people blogs to comment their posts and let them know that you have a new post in yours. But please, in this item, don't visit others blogs just to get comments, visit blogs that you truly like and read them. 
  6. Share it on your social media so it can get to more people: post a new pic (it's better if it's related to the post) in your instagram, twitter, facebook or whatever social media you use to let know your followers that you have a new post you wanted to share with them.
If you have a blog, I'd love to read how is your process, so let me know in the comment (with the url of your blog, of course)

Hola a todos! Espero que esten teniendo un increible fin de semana. El proceso de hacer un nuevo post siempre es super divertido pero hay mucho trabajo para hacer. Necesitas una serie de pasos para poder llegar a tener el post que imaginaste en la cabeza. Asi que aca mi proceso para hacer un nuevo post:
  1. Pensar la idea: tengo un cuaderno que llevo a todos lados porque se me ocurren ideas nuevas para posts en, literamente, todos los lugares a los que voy. Tener un cuaderno para poder escribir las ideas es super importante para mi porque asi podes ver tus ideas de una manera mas clara y mas organizada.
  2. Escribir las cosas que vas a necesitar para poder hacer ese post: esto tambien lo hago en el cuaderno que les dije en el primer item. Escribo donde necesito ir, que fotos voy a sacar, que es lo que quiero sacar de ese lugar o experiencia. Tambien averiguo las cosas tipicas de ese lugar, o actividad. Si por ejemplo, quiero ir a un museo, busco el horario en el que esta abierto, cuanto sale, etc. O si quiero hacer un diy, busco que materiales voy a necesitar y los escribo.
  3. Ir a hacerlas: Esta es una de las partes mas divertidas del proceso de hacer un post. Es increible en sentimiento que tenes cuando vas a un lugar nuevo, o haces alguna actividad que nunca hiciste antes. Creces, ganas experiencias super copadas, y ademas, tu blog crece con vos, como tambien lo hace tu audiencia. 
  4. Recolectar todo lo que tenes y escribir el post: Ahora que tenes todo lo que necesitas, solo te falta sentarte en tu escritorio y dejar que las palabras floten de tu cabeza a la pantalla. Asegurate de tener en tu mente que es lo que queres transmitir con ese post, que es lo que te interesa que la gente observe y se lleve de esa idea que tuviste desde el primer momento. 
  5. Publicarlo y visitar otros blogs: Una vez que toques publicar, anda y visita otros blogs para dejarles saber que hiciste un nuevo post. Pero por favor, no los visites simplemente para tener comentarios. Busca blogs que publiquen cosas que te identifiquen, que te gusten, y lee sus posts con atencion, dejales un comentario que sea productivo y amable. 
  6. Compartirlo en tus redes sociales para que llegue a mas gente: postea una nueva foto (si esta relacionada al post va a ser mucho mejor) en tu instagram, twitter, facebook o cualquier red que uses para dejarles saber a tus seguidores que hay un nuevo post en tu blog que queres compartir con ellos. 
Si tenes un blog, me encantaria saber como es tu proceso para crear un post asi que dejamelo saber en los comentarios (con el link de tu blog, por supuesto)
Con amor, Paula.


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  1. what an amazing post :)
    have a nice week!


  2. Thank you so much for the tips! :) Honestly, I get all the ideas when I am taking a shower! Haha! :P Have a great week ahead!

    1. Hahah I know that feeling, it's incredible how much inspiration a shower can give you

  3. Your outfits look great on you! Loving this whole look!!!! Edward Gelber, Child Psychiatrist

  4. Thanks for sharing your process with us! I love to see how different bloggers churn out their content.

    I also have a little notebook with hundreds of ideas scribbled down. My favourite part though, has got to be actually writing the post. I hate proof-reading though!


    1. Hahah ohh I totally get you! Writing the post is always such a fun thing, like you can recap all the things that you thought and finally put them into words

  5. enjoy reading ur post

    visit mine?
    Mrs. Aa

  6. I think it's a great idea to write everything down in a notebook so you don't forget any good ideas you think of throughout the day! My only problem is a hate taking pictures. I don't know why it's just really tedious to me, haha!

    Holly | http://holbol.co.uk

    1. hahah ohh I can't even imagine hating taking pictures! but maybe you can ask somebody else that like taking pictures to do it for you and then giving them the credits? haha. Thanks for reading!

  7. It's my first time dropping by your blog and so happy to read this post!
    What a very practical step by step ;)
    As for me, for most of the times, I'd start importing the pictures that I want to use in the post and then continue with writing the opening words for the post or the captions for the pics!
    Well, I'm pretty inconsistent lately when it comes to creating a post, but that feeling of accomplishment once you hit the publish button is sooo amazing! haha :D
    Hope to read more from you soon ;)

    Virtual hug from Tokyo,


    1. That's a great way to write a post! I think I've never started with the pictures, but I will try haha. I know! you feel sooooo good when you publish the post.

  8. Loved this post! So much work goes into a single post, love how you broke it down!!

    xx, Amy

  9. Such a helpful post! :) TYSM <3

  10. thank you for sharing!
    Xx, Tiff

  11. How true is this! Thanks for sharing it!

  12. Totally relate to this post doll! xx


  13. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing with us!


  14. Amazing post, thanks for the tips!

    Vanessa x | www.springlilies.com

  15. Oh thanks for share all these tips with us

  16. great tips! i never know what to write so i just ended up doing photos with just links lol

  17. Thanks so much for sharing your process! Sometimes it can be so hard to have a good flow. These tips are so helpful =)

    xoxo - Meredith


  18. I actually like to keep my blog a space for my free flowing thoughts. I like to document my thoughts, feelings, and latest finds, whereas I plan out ideas and more structured for my YouTube channel.


    1. Ohh that's cool! and it's great that you have the two platforms divided

  19. I would say my process is quite similar. I keep wanting to write about a certain workshop that I went to last month but didn't get enough pictures. I was too busy enjoying it. So I keep meaning to go back to that store to get some location shots. The pictures I use definitely help inspire the post. The more excited I am about a photo, the more excited I am about writing up the post. :) I just need to stop being so lazy and go and take some photos for that post.

    1. Oh Kimmy, you don't know how much I get you. I always enjoy so much the place where I'm that I forget to take pictures, or I also get a little shame when I do it haha. But I know that when I take really beautiful pictures I want to write the post in that very same moment.

  20. A pretty much straight forward process indeed, and one that I tend to abide by from time to time. Appreciate you sharing it all, thanks and warm greetings!


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