lunes, marzo 06, 2017

Dress On

*Read this post while hearing dress on by the greatest Justin Timberlake* Hey everybody! I hope you're all doing really fine today.
The lovely brand muee contacted me to do a collaboration. This is an amazing online shop that sells dresses for literally, any occasion you may/want one. So, here are some of the beautiful clothing they have:

Wedding dresses are just the cutest. I found all of them so pretty and fine. This, for example, only costs $189 dollars, and I don't know about you guys, but I believe it's a really good deal. The dresses muee have are cheap wedding dresses that seems a lot more expensive that what you actually can pay for them. 
It also have a long range of lace wedding dresses, and the most cool thing is that there's so many options for any particular style that you like, to have the most perfect and unforgettable day of your life.
When I saw it I almost wanted to be planning my own wedding haha. If you're getting married and you're looking for a bonny dress, well, this is what you've looking for. 

Looking at all this gorgeous dresses I had a major throwback to my own school dances. Although none of the dresses I've ever wore were as beauteous as this ones. What I liked the most about this section in muee is that they made an incredible job selling so many different dresses. Like, if you love long dresses then you have a lot of choices, and if you like the dress 
but not the color, well, you have a lot of different options of colors too. You have two-sides dresses or short dresses. So, if your homecoming is soon, this is the website where you should look for one! 

Tell me is this is not the most tender thing you've ever seen? It's the perfect dress for such an event like first communion. This would look just beautiful in any little girl that's going to be able to commune for the first time. It's a day fill with love, kindness and happiness, and I truly think that this dress among all the others that are in the website of muee would make your daughter, cousin, sister or niece very very happy. 

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