martes, enero 17, 2017

The Need To Post Everything On Social Media // La Necesidad De Publicar Todo En Las Redes Sociales

I was wondering why do we feel the need to post everything on social media (I'm not talking about everybody, I know people who don't feel the need, but still), and I came up with some answers, but I'll love to read yours answers too. Here are mine:

Maybe its because we are afraid that if we doesn't post it, it isn't real.
Maybe we always want to have such a great time, that we believe that if we take a picture, then we must had fun back then.
Maybe we want to have our kind of online photo album.
Maybe we think that if we don't, people it's going to think we aren't doing anything fun.
Maybe someone broke our hearts, and we want he/she to see it and thinks "she is doing really fine"
Maybe we feel the need to compete to others, and prove our moments or pictures are prettier, better, funnier. 
Maybe it means that not posting some things says that we like to keep private a part of our life, and maybe we feel lonely if we do. Maybe we feel that we are getting old, so we want to treasure as many memories as we can.
Maybe we feel the need to compare to other, to prove something.
Maybe we upload it just one person to see it, that person, so they'll finally talk to us.
Maybe we want to show people we travel, we go to all those amazing places, and we're cool.
Maybe we just like pictures, and we like sharing it with our followers.

Finally, I'm not trying to say this is a bad thing.. Just that some days is bad for me, and some days I wonder why. I'll love to read your thoughts about it in the comment section. Hope you like the post, even though is was different.

El otro día estaba acostada en la pileta y me vino esta pregunta a la cabeza (como siempre, los planteos sobre la vida vienen ahí o en la ducha jaja) "por que sentimos la necesidad de postear todo lo que hacemos en las redes sociales?". Con esta pregunta quiero aclarar que no estoy hablando de todo el mundo, se que hay gente que no siente esa necesidad. Y pensé en algunas respuestas, pero me encantaría saber las de ustedes. Acá están las mías:

Tal vez es porque sentimos que si no lo publicamos, no esta pasando. 
Tal vez siempre queremos estar pasandola bien, y creemos que si sacamos fotos y las publicamos, es porque tenemos que estar teniendo un increible rato.
Tal vez queremos tener nuestra especie de album de fotos online.
Tal vez creemos que si no lo hacemos, la gente va a creer que no estamos haciendo nada divertido.
Tal vez alguien rompió nuestro corazón, y queremos que esa persona vea que estamos muy bien sin el/ella.
Tal vez sentimos la necesidad de competir con otros, y probar que nuestros momentos o fotos son mas lindos, mejores, mas divertidos.
Tal vez significa que si no publicamos nada es porque somos personas que nos gusta tener una parte de nuestra vida privada, y tal vez nos sentimos solos si nos gusta eso.
Tal vez sentimos que nos estamos volviendo viejos, y queremos conservar todos los recuerdos que podamos.
Tal vez tenemos la necesidad de compararnos con otros, de probar algo.
Tal vez subimos una foto para que una persona lo vea, esa persona, y de esa manera nos hable.
Tal vez queremos mostrarle a la gente que viajamos, que vamos a todos esos lugares increibles, y que somos geniales.
Tal vez simplemente nos gusta subir fotos, y compartirlas con nuestros seguidores.

Por último, me gustaría aclarar que no quiero decir que esta compartir todo en las redes sociales.. solo que algunos días es malo para mi, y algunos días, como este, me hago esta pregunta. Me encantaría leer sus pensamientos sobre el tema en la sección de los comentarios. Y espero que les haya gustado este post, aunque haya sido diferente.


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  2. Bem interessante a sua constatação.
    Eu confesso que não sou muito de publicar coisas da minha vida pessoal.
    Só em relação ao blog. Prefiro me preservar de certa forma.
    Adorei o post.

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    1. Isso é ótimo! É importante manter-nos algumas coisas para nós.

  3. I love looking back on my life through IG but definitely been trying to cut back when in the company of other people- it's quite annoying for your anti-social media friends and family so this post was a great reminder babe!

    Thank you for the blog visit babe, hope to see you back soon!

    Xx- Julie | Haute Khuuture Blog

    1. Yeah!! it's really important to be in the present and enjoy what you're doing in that moment with the people you love

  4. I love this topic. Not sure what the answer is. We all have different reasons - there is no right or wrong - but it's important to take a break from social media/our phones and just enjoy the present. That's something I'm trying to do more of this year (no phone after work!! - it's tough!)

    xx, Amy

    1. I love that you think there's no right or wrong bc that's exactly what I think. I hope you're doing great with that no phone after work thing

  5. Such an interesting post!

  6. I always joke with friends if it's not on the "Gram", it didn't happen! Haha xx

  7. I ask myself this sometimes. I think it's because in this generation, people have the need/desire to be "seen" and "acknowledged," hence the posting on social media. It can be a very powerful yet debilitative addition to our lives. Great thoughts! xx


    1. This was the most genuine and great response I read. I totally agree with you!

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  9. It's crazy because it wasn't until recently that I really took a second to step back and realize the real reasons I post so much on social media... but I really just sum it up into one sentence: my social media / Instagram is like a photo journal and I'm terrified of forgetting a single moment of it.

    xx Heather |

  10. In my opinion we think that we have the need to post everything because we like to show the other people how much we're happy! Great post, beautiful blog!
    I'm following.
    Xoxo, Gi.
    Blog About Girls

    1. Ohh, that's such a nice comment!! Thanks for telling me your opinion

  11. Really enjoyed reading your answers. Gemma x

  12. Love the post and your blog!
    IN 1997

  13. Interesting Read!!

    xo jamie

  14. super cierto tu punto de vista, ojala y empiece la sociedad a preocuparse por lo que pase ante sus ojos y en su vida diaria, mas que lo que pasa a través de nuestras pantallas de celular.

    Increible post!

    te dejo abajo el Link de mi blog porfis visitalo! :)

    Alessa Bernal.

    1. Totalmente! es super facil dejarse llevar pero cuando disfrutas mas el presente y miras a tu alrededor descubris cosas muy buenas. Gracias por tu comentario :)

  15. this is soo important thank you for sharing this! I hope many people read and share this! x

  16. Great post...
    Beautifully written..

  17. Loving the post! Have a wonderful weekend:)

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  19. Loved this post! I am not going to lie, at times I do feel like I should be posting certain things I do... just so people actually know I am not boring haha! Then I think to myself, will people really care? My Instagram is mainly for my blog, not my personal life as such so I try to remember to keep that divide!

    PS. Great post girl, followed!

    1. Totally, I feel the same some times and it bothers me! That's really cool, and it's always nice to have memories that only we know about.

  20. All of these reasons are so relevant for why we share everything online! Sometimes I feel like I need to detox!

    Caitlin, Beauty & Colour

  21. I love this and often feel like many people post too much about their personal or private life - I only post things when it's relevant to my blog and sharing different products I like etc…. otherwise, I keep personal things away from social media.

    I agree with you, I think many people need to stop focusing on social media and stop sharing every single detail with the world - share little pieces here and there but make sure you enjoy the moment instead of thinking about social media too…

    Layla xx

    1. Totally! I mean, at the end of the day it's still our lives and we can do whatever we want with them but I feel like sometimes less is more..

  22. El problema de publicar todo lo que se hace es que no disfrutas de los momentos que estas viviendo.
    La tecnología esta haciendo mucho daño sobre ese aspecto.

  23. Interesante lectura... creo que un poco de todo lo que sugieres. La necesidad de competir con los otros y con nosotros mismos, y también el deseo de documentar todo lo que hacemos para demostarnos y demostrar al mundo que estamos viviendo una vida plena! Hoy en día estamos más conectados con personas que están a miles de kilómetros, y tenemos que esforzarnos por reconectar con las personas que tenemos al lado! Paradojas del mundo moderno >.<

    Un saludo,

    Saida | She talks Glam

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