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19 Things I learned // 19 Cosas Que Aprendi

A few weeks ago was my 19th birthday, and I think it was for my 17th birthday that I did a post like this, and I really enjoyed doing it, so here I am two years after. 2016 was probably the most difficult yet exciting year for me. Everything was new, and when I say everything, I mean it. Starting university, going to the city every day and learning to walk around there, which it was really different from the little town where I live. My friendships changed, I met a lot of new and amazing people. I tried lot of new stuff, accomplished a lot of my goals, and of course, there was some crying. The past year taught me some value lessons, and I feel I am so much more mature now, thanks to all these things I went through. So, here are the 19 things I learned in 19 years of life:
  1. You are afraid? Okay, do it anyway and tell yourself after doing it how amazing it felt.
  2. Stick to your values, they make who you are (and you should be proud)
  3. Your heart is going to be broken many times, and it never really goes away. But it's fine, you'll breathe again.
  4. Don't be thinking all the time about the future, because you may lose sight of the amazing present you have.
  5. You never know what the other person is going through, so please please be nice. Don't yell, don't judge.
  6. There's never too many hugs or kisses you can give to the people you love. Tell them often how you feel about them.
  7. Write, read, take photographs. Grow as a person while doing what you love. 
  8. Be thankful. 
  9. Time heals everything. Have patience, give it time. 
  10. Don't be afraid to lose people, the right ones will stay.
  11. Love yourself, respect yourself, you're worth it. Repeat it as many times as you need it.
  12. It's never late to start again, and again, and again.
  13. Appreciate the little things in life, those that make you get out of bed everyday.
  14. Wake up early, there'll be a lot of time to sleep.
  15. Stop trying to save people, you can't. The only thing you can do is love them and hold their hand.
  16. Learn to love the imperfections about you. 
  17. It's okay to escape the world for a while. Everybody else will be just fine.
  18. You're gonna fail a million times. But you will gain so much experience.
  19. Get lost, visit new places, open your mind. 

Hace unas semanas fue mi cumpleaños numero 19, y creo que la ultima vez que hice algo así en el blog fue cuando cumpli 17 años, y como disfrute mucho haciendolo, acá estoy dos años después. El 2016 fue probablemente el año mas dificil pero a la vez increible para mi. Todo fue nuevo, y cuando digo TODO, lo digo literal. Empece la universidad, pase de vivir todo el tiempo en mi barrio que es super tranquilo a la Ciudad, y aprendi a manejarme ahi, lo que no siempre es fácil. Mis amistades cambiaron, segui con mis amigos incondicionales pero también conocí nuevas e increibles personas. Trate muchas cosas nuevas, cumplí muchas de mis resoluciones, y por supuesto, hubo un poco de llanto. En año que paso me enseño muchas lecciones valiosas, y creo que gracias a ellas hoy soy mucho mas madura. Así que, acá están las 19 cosas que aprendí en estos 19 años de vida:

  1. Tenes miedo? Esta perfecto. Hacelo de cualquier manera y decite a vos mismo lo bien que se sintio despues de hacerlo.
  2. Aferrate a tus valores, te hacen ser quien sos. (Y tendrias que estar orgullosa de eso).
  3. Tu corazon se va a romper de mil maneras distintas, y la verdad es que ese dolor nunca se va del todo. Pero esta bien, vas a volver a respirar.
  4. No estes pensando todo el tiempo en tu futuro, porque podes llegar a olvidarte del increible presente que tenes. 
  5. Nunca sabes lo que la otra persona esta pasando, asi que por favor se buena. No grites, no juzgues. 
  6. Nunca hay demasiados abrazos o besos que puedas dar a las personas que queres. Deciles seguido como te sentis con ellos, cuanto los amas. 
  7. Escribi, lee, saca muchas fotos. Crece como persona haciendo lo que amas. 
  8. Se agradecida.
  9. El tiempo cura todo. Dale tiempo, tene paciencia.
  10. No tengas miedo de perder personas, las correctas se van a quedar con vos.
  11. Amate, respetate, lo vales. Repetilo todas las veces que sea necesario.
  12. Nunca es tarde para volver a empezar, una y otra y otra y otra vez.
  13. Aprecia las pequeñas cosas en la vida, esas que hacen que te levantes todas las mañanas.
  14. Despertate temprano, va a ver muchisimo tiempo para dormir.
  15. Deja de tratar de salvar a la gente, no podes. Solo podes amarlos y sostenerles las mano.
  16. Aprende a amar tus imperfecciones.
  17. Esta perfecto escapar del mundo por un rato. Todos los demas van a estar bien.
  18. Vas a fracasar un millon de veces. Y un millon mas despues de eso. Pero vas a ganar tanta experiencia y sabiduria.
  19. Perdete, visita nuevos lugares, amplia tu mente. 

What have you learned over the years?
Que aprendiste durante todos estos años?


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  1. I'm waiting for the day when I realise I should start waking up early...
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Hahah it takes a lot of will. Maybe if you think about something excited to do in the mornings it'll be easier!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! These are some really good lessons learned. You have so much ahead of your life, hope that you have the best time ever!

    Joyce | Joycentricity

    1. Ohh thanks!! Your comment is so so sweet, I wish you nothing but the best too

  3. At 19 you are just wise beyond your years babe! Kudos for keeping it all in perspective and wishing you a very happy birthday!

    Xx- Julie | Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. I am all about number 1 to be honest. I think this is really the only sure-fire way go grow as a person!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Totally, you just have to show out there and do the thing you want despite the fear!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! And this was a fabulous list. I particularly like "wake up early" -- the mornings are the most amazing thing when you get up can get ready leisurely before work instead of running around in a rush, you can actually enjoy your coffee, you can get a workout in, and honestly, it's such a perfect time to just be present and mindful about the day ahead of you <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

    1. Thank you Clarissa! I knowwww. When I wake up late I feel I wasted the whooole day. But when you do wake up early you have a lot of time to chill, relax, and have a "me time"

  6. Great post!

    I think it's important to look back and see how much you have grown as a person. This list definitely shows growth.

  7. Interesting post, I love to read it, truly inspiring, thank you for the tips and for sharing, cannot wait for the next post!!!


  8. So many amazing lessons learned at your age! Can't wait to see what this year brings you.

    xx, Amy

  9. This is a precious list of things that we all should think of! x

  10. So amazing tips! Thanks for sharing and I think it's lots of work to do to be the best version of us :)

    xx Aldora

    1. Totally, there's no vacations when it comes to working on ourselves

  11. Happy Birthday! 19 was such an in between year for me but with the right intentions (and it looks like you definitely have some great ones!) you'll do swimmingly :)
    Hope you have a darling day gorgeous!
    Much Love, Karen

  12. Wow, your blog is amazing! I love it! And Happy b-day!!!! xx
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    Have a great day!

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE
    Instagram : (follow me, I follow back :) )

  13. Such a lovely and positive post! Happy Belated Birthday too hunny xx

  14. Love the inspiration here!

    Have a beautiful day!

    Caroline Flowers

  15. Great inspiration post! Mistakes and pain are great teacher!

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  16. So inspirational.. Very well written :)

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  17. Happy belated birthday! Great post

    Lisa Linh

  18. Great list of things learned! I learned a few of the same things, too.

  19. Great post! :)
    IG: tiateilli

  20. Happy belated birthday! So much to have already learned at 19!!

    xx Nicole

  21. Great post!

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  23. I mostly agree with the last one!!!
    Perdete, visita nuevos lugares, amplia tu mente.
    Me alegría mucho saber tu opinión sobre nuestro último artículo


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