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Favourite Mascaras // Las Mejores Mascaras De Pestañas #Blogmas 18

Lancome  Hypnose 
This one have full disclosure. It tickets, lengthens and makes people asks if my lashes are fake.

Esta tiene mucha exposición. Se mantiene, alarga tus pestañas y hace que la gente te pregunte si son reales o falsas.

Maybelline Sensational
It's one of the most amazing mascaras I've ever worn, it gives my lashes volume and length, it darkens them and still makes them look real and pretty. 

Esta es una de las mejores mascaras que alguna vez probé, le da volumen y extensión a mis pestañas, las oscurece y hace que se sigan viendo real y lindas.

Mac Extended Play Gigablack
This one looks amazing on bottom lashes.This mascara is great at lengthening lashes and separating them leading to  a beautifully defined lashes look

Esta mascara se ve hermosa en las pestañas de abajo. Se que es una de las cosas mas raras que probablemente escucharon alguna vez pero les da una extensión increible y las separa definiendolas y dandote un look super hermoso.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Flex
Rimmel is one of my favorite brand when it comes to make-up. They never let me down in terms of quality. This mascara has good quality, thick brush with a good length, no flakes and lasts all day with no need to reapply. It really opens up my eyes, and my lashes look super nice and long.

Rimmel es una de mis marcas favoritas de maquillaje. Nunca me decepcionan en terminos de calidad, y esta mascara no es la excepción. Es de muy buena calidad, tiene un cepillo que te da una muy buena duración, no hace esos "copos" negros que suelen formarse con otras marcas, y dura literal todo el día sin que tengas que aplicarlo otra vez. Además que me abre mucho los ojos, haciendo mis pestañas súper lindas y largas.

Estée Lauder Little Black Primer
I love this because you can use it as a primer for your lashes before applying your mascara and you can use it on its own as a mascara, without adding another mascara on top because the primer is black and works pretty much just like a mascara.

Amo esta mascara porque por un lado la podes usar como primer para tus pestañas antes de aplicarte la mascara, pero tambien la podes usar como mascara directamente porque el primer es negro y funciona bastante bien como una mascara, sin necesidad de tener que aplicarte alguna de otra marca encima. 


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  1. I love the Maybelline Lash Sensational too!

  2. A lot of these are ones I do not know of so thanks for the suggestions and love that they are affordable choices as well!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Hahah I'm glad I showed you some new mascaras, and that's the great thing about them!

  3. Love the maybelline color sensationnal and the lacome mascara. lancome mascaras are really nice and effective but i hate that they are really scented !

  4. I haven't tried Lancome's Hypnose, but I have tried the Grandiose and that mascara is still the best I have ever used! I even got my step mum obsessed with it too, plus it lasts absolutely ages and still carries on making your lashes look amazing once it starts to dry out a little. I have also tried the Maybelline Sensational that you've mentioned, that is a brilliant mascara, and in fact I actually accidentally ended up purchasing the brown shade, but you couldn't tell the difference! Lovely post :-)

    Gemma X

    1. Ohh I have to try that one!! I think that the lasting is super important. Hahaha oh well, it works so good that you can't even tell the difference between one shade and another. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. My favourite mascara is Volume de Chanel, need to try these.


  6. Love this post! I need to try these!

    Bella x


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