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My opinion on the world // Mi Opinion Sobre El Mundo

Nobody asked. That's how I want to start this post because I know that that's what a lot of people think when somebody gives their opinion: "Nobody asked you". And I know. But I think that everybody have one, and that they are all valid, no matter how much I agree or I disagree. 
I study journalism and I'd love to be a war correspondent, because since I decided I wanted to be a journalist I knew that there's where I want to find truth, and there's where I want to give people the voice to say the truth about what's going on. But I'm not here to talk you about my dreams, I just wanted to mention it so you can understand why I think all of this, and why I can't stop doing it when I see everybody.
Every day I see in any public transport, in the streets, in people that I really love, how quickly they forget that the person besides them is a human being. I still can decide if I want to award this to tecnology, to wars, to the individualism to the extreme, but I believe that this reasons and a lot more influence that everybody, including myself, often forget that that human being besides us, feel, think and breathe just like you, like me and like everybody else.
I think that when I read that once again there was a terrorist attack, when I see how people die everyday in Alepo, the conditions people live in Africa, and why I go that far, when I go outside my province for 20 minutes and I can see it too. Is that obsession with power, money, for caring only about what I want and nothing else, we live in a constant "every man for himself", in a kind of the walking dead, and the zombies are all of those things that tear us apart as human race, and then they are all of those humans that try to survive, to believe that not everything is lost.
I choose to believe that not everything is lost, I choose to believe that there's still people that want a better tomorrow. And I get it when people that do good gets tired and they don't want to donate more time, money and many other things that they consider valuable because they don't see a change. I get the selfishness that society have, I get the "why should I care if this don't touch me", but the problem is, it will. War because of religion, water, petroleum, maybe they won't touch you directly to you, but it will touch your children, your grandchildren. 
I think that as humanity we have to rethink what really matters, why we are so angry at each other, and we finally achieve that thing that we all look for: happiness, peace, but not at the expense of the other. Because the other is also son, father, brother, and deserves to be treat as you would like to be treat. 
Ps: I apologize if this is a post very different from the ones I usually do, but this blog is kind of a diary of my thoughts for me, and I wanted to write this, even if there's just one person that read all of this, I'm happy to be able to used my freedom of expression. 
And you, what do you think?
Below I put a song that I feel reflect how I feel. 

Nadie pregunto. Así es como quiero empezar este post porque se que eso es lo que mucha gente piensa cuando el otro opina: "nadie te pregunto". Y lo se. Pero creo que todos tienen una, y que todas son validas, no importa cuanto coincida o cuanto no lo haga. 
Estudio periodismo y me gustaría muchísimo ser corresponsal de guerra en el futuro. Pero no estoy acá para hablarles de mis sueños, solo quería mencionarlo para que puedan entender porque pienso todo esto y porque no puedo dejar de hacerlo cuando veo a los demás.
Todos los días veo en cualquier transporte publico, en la calle, en gente a la que realmente quiero, como se olvida constantemente que el otro es un ser humano. Todavía no logre decidirme si adjudico esta deshumanizacion a la tecnología, a las guerras, al individualismo hasta el extremo, pero creo que todas estas razones y muchas mas influyen en que todos, porque me incluyo en esto, olvidemos que la persona al lado nuestro es un ser humano, que siente, que piensa, que respira igual que vos, que yo y que todos. 
Creo que cuando leo que otra vez hubo un ataque terrorista, cuando veo la gente que muere diariamente en Alepo, las condiciones en las que se vive en África, y para que irme tan lejos, lo que veo si salgo a caminar por mi provincia unos 20 minutos, es esa obsesión por el poder, por fijarse en lo que yo quiero y nada mas, vivimos en un constante "sálvese quien pueda", una especie de the walking dead, y los zombies son todas esas cosas que nos dividen como raza humana, y los humanos que todavia intentan sobrevivir, creer que no todo esta perdido.
Yo elijo creer que no todo esta perdido, elijo creer que hay gente que quiere crear un mejor mañana. Y entiendo cuando la gente que hace las cosas bien se cansa y no quiere donar mas su tiempo, su dinero y muchas otras cosas que considera valiosas porque no ve un cambio. Entiendo el egoísmo de las sociedades, entiendo el "y a mi que me importa si esto no me influye", pero el problema es que lo va a hacer. Las guerras por las religiones, por el petroleo, por el agua, tal vez no nos toquen directamente a nosotros hoy, pero seguramente lo hagan en nuestros hijos, nuestros nietos. 
Creo que como humanidad tenemos que replantearnos que es lo realmente importante, por que razón estamos tan enojados con el otro, cuales son las cosas de vida o muerte, y logremos eso que al fin todos buscamos: nuestra felicidad y nuestra paz, pero no a costa de la otra persona. Porque el otro es también hijo, padre, hermano, y merece ser tratado como a vos te gustaría que te traten. 
Ojala podamos despertarnos mutuamente y dejar esta deshumanizacion que se ve día a día.
Pd: pido disculpas si es un post muy distinto a los que suelo hacer, pero este blog es una especie de diario de mis pensamientos para mi, y lo quería decir, aunque haya una sola persona que haya leído todo esto, voy a estar contenta de poder haber utilizado mi libertad de expresión. 
Y, ¿Vos que pensas?
Abajo les dejo una canción que siento que refleja lo que siento. 


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  1. This is such a thought provoking post, I really enjoyed reading it! You're a beautiful writer too hun xx


  2. this is a beautiful post... i love you pen doen your thoughts in such a descriptive manner.
    would you like to follow on GFC, let me know on my blog and i will follow back asap

    Glowyshoes's blog

    My Facebook

  3. This post brought tears to my eyes! My God, you have a beautiful soul and I wish we had more people who have the same mindset as you. If only! God bless you! :)


    1. This was the sweetest comment!! Thank you so so much for your kind words :)

  4. This is such an interesting post. I think it's great to share your opinion on everything. x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

  5. Don't apologize first this is your blog and you can do whatever you want. Second I wish more bloggers would share thoughts like this.
    I completely get what you mean. I'm not sure what's really the cause of people trying to dominate and have power. I wish I could say it was the media and technology but this bhaviour has been around for so long. I have hope we can make things better one day, even if that hope is challenges everyday by selfish power hungry people trying to make me believe that being good only makes me naive. it helps to read thoughts like this. Thank you so much for sharing this :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

    1. Oh God, this means so so much to me! I love every comment and I can tell when somebody really cares about the post or not. So thanks a lot for reading it and for your kind words. I agree with you, and I believe we have to stay good and nice with everyone, even thought a lot of that people try to show us that the only way to be in this world is by being mean.

  6. I agree so very much with everything you said! Especially with recent political events, we seem to be taking a huge step backwards as humans. I feel like we could learn something from trees, they use their life to support all other life, I wish we could do the same! I will always fight to show kindness and love to every soul I meet, even if the person I am fighting is myself :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

    1. Ohh totally, trees just want the best for everybody. That's amazing from you, really. We have to fight through darkness till we find the light :)

  7. Thank you for this post. It feels good to know there's still an empathetic person out there.

    Inez | My Small World

    1. Thanks for reading it! And of course, there's plenty of people out there that are empathetic


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