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6 Homecoming Wardrobe Disasters to Avoid

Homecoming. It’s a night when girls all over compete with one another for long gazes, spotlight attention, and the ever-so-important Instagram likes.

And if there’s one thing for sure, no young lady wants to be the one who endures a homecoming wardrobe malfunction especially with the likes of SnapChat, Instagram, and YouTube waiting in the wings to capture every single second and make it go viral.

So that’s why we’ve put together this guide of six common homecoming wardrobe malfunctions to help you avoid the devastation and embarrassment that could come with an unintended issue on one of the most important nights of your life. Let’s start with some of the basic stuff and work our way through the devastation that every teenage girl can understand.

11.   Avoiding Underwear Lines

There are some ladies who claim it’s a lot easier to avoid wearing underwear altogether on extra-fancy occasions, such as homecoming, so that they don’t chance unsightly underwear lines under their lovely and sexy homecoming dresses. But, on the other hand, who wants to risk that one string holding their dress up to come apart and have nothing on below?

There are lacy thongs that are almost completely invisible, but they are not the biggest hit with mothers, and they’re fairly uncomfortable too. The same goes for string bikini underwear. A hybrid is so much more preferable – either something a little J-Lo style or high-waisted. They won’t cover your entire buttocks, but they definitely cover more than a thong, look amazing, and don’t leave a trace of underwear lines!

22.  Nail Polish Gone Wrong

Either you’ve smudged your nail polish from putting it on too thick, or it starts chipping off before you’ve even headed out the door. Either way, the key is “less is more.” Alternatively, take off all that color and go completely natural with a clear coat to protect your nails.

33.   Random, Unsightly Stains

So you get out the door, you’re out and about at homecoming having a wonderful night, and there it is. A great big mustard stain. There is a solution! Grab one of those handy stain remover pens to keep in your bag on the night. They’ll make most stains good as new. Just remember not to rub it in or you’ll make it a lot worse. If the mark is still there, dab at it and try a little water and hand soap in the restroom.

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44.   Hair With a Mind Of Its Own

Stupid, flat, annoying hair. For some reason, it keeps frizzing out, falling down, and just not cooperating. There are a few solutions. You could try showing a little neck by having your hair done up in an elegant bun, or braid it.

55.  A Torn Homecoming Dress

Be sure to pack plenty of strong safety pins with you on homecoming night just in case the worst happens, and you tear your dress. Tears can be easy enough to conceal as you can affix them to your dress in advance. Make sure you place them in such a way that they won’t bust open and hurt you.

66.   Fake Tan Gone Wrong

Don’t try to look orange with fake tan for homecoming! It just looks silly and, well, fake. If you absolutely want to be tanned for the night, do your tan at least a week before homecoming, preferably on a Friday night so you can hide indoors all weekend to exfoliate it off if anything goes wrong.

These six tips should help you avoid some coming wardrobe malfunctions.

Disclaimer: This article is published in partnership of Mediabuzzer

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  1. Those are such a nice tips <3 Thank you for sharing!
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  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Ah que cosas problemáticas! Me acuerdo que en mi graduación no me fije en ninguna de estas cosas, prácticamente no tengo recuerdos del dia JAJAJAJA
    Gracias por compartir Pau! Voy a chusmear los posts que me perdí (?

    1. Jajajaja, uhh que habra pasado ese dia..? Si totalmente, en otros paises es algo mucho mas serio.

  4. I miss Homecoming dances!! #oldladylife lol - these are excellent tips though, for any big night out! <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  5. Great tips! love the post


  6. Nice dress.

  7. We don't have homecoming in the UK but a lot of these sound disastrous on any night out! Haha xx

  8. Love your post!!
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent posts.
    Thanks for the support and thoughtful words on my recent post, I deeply appreciate it!!

  9. Great tips hun xx

  10. All the tips are amazing. Thanks!! :)

  11. Haha, fab tips - and so true! I remember spilling prosecco down my prom dress at the reception and spent a while in the bathroom under the handryer :')

    // xx

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