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Have you ever felt like something deep inside of you wanted to do something? Like if you have a fire inside you that wasn't going to stop burning until you extinguish, accomplishing that dream. And, have you ever didn't pay attention to that fire because of fear? Fear of what they're going to say, fear of failing, fear of disappointment, a lot of fear.
I think we all felt like this sometimes, I know that the fingers of my hand are not enough to count all the times that it happened to me. 
So I search the definition of fear, and the two of them left me thinking:

  1. "Feeling anguish because of the presence of a real or imagined danger."
  2. "Feeling of distrust that drives to believe that an act contrary to what you want will happen."
This two definitions may seem similar but they are not. Sometimes our fear is real, and sometimes our fears do come true. But stop for a minute and think about all the times you were afraid of for example, telling the truth to someone, to open your heart to a person after you have been really hurt, a test, a new proyect, to say "This is MY LIFE and I'm going to live it the way I want". All of those times, in which you let the fear of side and you did what you felt it was right, did you fail? I'm sure a lot of times the answer is going to be yes, but the majority of times I'm sure it will be no. And if you fear become true and you feel your world comes crashing down, it'll always be better to be in peace knowing that is so much better to TRY that to do NOTHING. 
Personally I'm not a person with fear of trying new things. My fears are for example the anxiety that I feel when I have to say to someone I really want to talk a simple "Hi, how are you?", or stop doing things that I don't want to do just to satisfy other people. 
Is normal to feel fear, because it's in our nature, but the important thing is what we do with that feeling.
The antonym of fear is value, courage, or tranquility. I thinkg these three words fit really well to what I think means living without fear.
Living without fear is to let of side that anguish that you can have if you think about something that hasn't happened yet and that is probably never going to happen, it's having the courage to stand up and do what makes you so so happy that you feel like your heart is going to explode.
I'm learning to let my fears aside because all the times that I did it was super worth it. When you live like this you grow, you feel happier and you encourage other people to live without fear too.
And you, have you dare to live without fear?

¿Alguna vez sentiste que cada parte de tu ser quería hacer algo? Como si tuvieses un fuego adentro tuyo que no iba a cesar de flamear hasta que lo apagues, cumpliendo ese deseo. Y, ¿alguna vez hiciste caso omiso de ese fuego por miedo? Miedo al que dirán, miedo a fallar, miedo a decepcionarte de vos o de otras personas, mucho miedo. 
Creo que todos nos sentimos así alguna vez en nuestra vida, yo se que no me alcanzan los dedos de la mano para contar las veces que me paso. 
Busque la definición de miedo y las dos me dejaron pensando bastante: 

  1. "Sensación de angustia provocada por la presencia de un peligro real o imaginario."
  2. "Sentimiento de desconfianza que impulsa a creer que ocurrirá un hecho contrario a lo que se desea."
Pueden parecer parecidas estas dos definiciones, pero no lo son. A veces nuestro miedo es real, y a veces nuestros mayores miedos se cumplen. Pero ponete a pensar por un minuto todas las veces que tuviste miedo de por ejemplo, decirle la verdad a alguien, abrirle tu corazon a una persona después de que te hayan lastimado mucho, a un examen, a un nuevo proyecto, a decir "esta es MI vida y voy a vivirla como YO quiera". Todas esas veces, en las que dejaste el miedo de lado y hiciste lo que se sentía correcto, ¿fallaste? Estoy segura que algunas veces las respuesta va a ser un si, pero la mayoría va a ser un no. Y si tu miedo se cumple y sentís que el mundo se te viene abajo, siempre vas a tener la tranquilidad de que es mucho mejor INTENTAR que no hacer NADA. 
Personalmente no soy una persona con miedo a intentar cosas nuevas como se que mucha gente que conozco si. Mis miedos van de la ansiedad que me produce decirle "Hola, ¿como estas?" a un desconocido con el que quiero entablar una conversación, hasta de decidirme a dejar de hacer cosas que no quiero hacer para satisfacer a otras personas. 
Es normal sentir miedo, porque esta en nuestra naturaleza, pero lo importante no es el miedo sino lo que haces con ese sentimiento. 
El antónimo de miedo es valor, valentía, o tranquilidad. Me parecen tres palabras que encajan a la perfección lo que para mi significa vivir sin miedo. 
Vivir sin miedo es para mi dejar de lado la angustia que te puede provocar el pensar en algo que todavia no paso y que probablemente no pase, es tener la valentía de pararte y animarte a hacer lo que te hace tan pero tan feliz que sentís que tu corazon va a estallar. 
Yo estoy aprendiendo a dejar de lado mis miedos porque siempre que lo hice el sentimiento que sentí después valió 100% la pena. Cuando vivís dejando de lado los miedos creces mas, sos mas feliz y le transmitís esa confianza a los demás, que siempre es algo bueno para hacer.
Y vos, ¿ya te animaste a vivir sin miedo? 


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Workout Playlist

Hi everyone! Today is a beautiful morning in Buenos Aires and after a good run with amazing music I thought I could share my favourite songs for when I'm doing my workout, hope you like them and let me know in the comments which ones do you hear :)

Hola a todos! ¿Como están? Hoy es una mañana hermosa en Buenos Aires y después de salir a correr y tener un increible workout pensé que podía compartirles mis canciones favoritas para cuando hago ejercicio. Espero que les guste y déjenme saber en los comentarios cuales son las que ustedes escuchan :)

Take me home- Tiesto Remix
Can't stop the feeling- Justin Timberlake 
Muevelo- Sofia Reyes ft Wisin
No- Meghan Trainor
Fiesta- Corta la bocha
Summerthing- Afrojack
In the name of love- Martin Garrix
Just like fire- Pink
The spark- Afrojack
Hey brother- Avicii
Ya me entere- Reik feat Nicky Jam
Se pone loca- Canto para bailar
Pursuit of happiness- Kid Cudi
I want you to know- Zedd
Runaway- Galantis
Centuries- Fall Out Boy
Derecho a roce- Arturitos 
Who let the dogs out- Baha Men
Cool girl- Tove Lo
Eye of the tiger- Survivor
No money- Galantis
Que hablas del amor- Sonido de la costa
Telephone- Lady Gaga

You can find all of this songs on my spotify
Podes encontrar todas estas canciones en mi spotify


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6 Homecoming Wardrobe Disasters to Avoid

Homecoming. It’s a night when girls all over compete with one another for long gazes, spotlight attention, and the ever-so-important Instagram likes.

And if there’s one thing for sure, no young lady wants to be the one who endures a homecoming wardrobe malfunction especially with the likes of SnapChat, Instagram, and YouTube waiting in the wings to capture every single second and make it go viral.

So that’s why we’ve put together this guide of six common homecoming wardrobe malfunctions to help you avoid the devastation and embarrassment that could come with an unintended issue on one of the most important nights of your life. Let’s start with some of the basic stuff and work our way through the devastation that every teenage girl can understand.

11.   Avoiding Underwear Lines

There are some ladies who claim it’s a lot easier to avoid wearing underwear altogether on extra-fancy occasions, such as homecoming, so that they don’t chance unsightly underwear lines under their lovely and sexy homecoming dresses. But, on the other hand, who wants to risk that one string holding their dress up to come apart and have nothing on below?

There are lacy thongs that are almost completely invisible, but they are not the biggest hit with mothers, and they’re fairly uncomfortable too. The same goes for string bikini underwear. A hybrid is so much more preferable – either something a little J-Lo style or high-waisted. They won’t cover your entire buttocks, but they definitely cover more than a thong, look amazing, and don’t leave a trace of underwear lines!

22.  Nail Polish Gone Wrong

Either you’ve smudged your nail polish from putting it on too thick, or it starts chipping off before you’ve even headed out the door. Either way, the key is “less is more.” Alternatively, take off all that color and go completely natural with a clear coat to protect your nails.

33.   Random, Unsightly Stains

So you get out the door, you’re out and about at homecoming having a wonderful night, and there it is. A great big mustard stain. There is a solution! Grab one of those handy stain remover pens to keep in your bag on the night. They’ll make most stains good as new. Just remember not to rub it in or you’ll make it a lot worse. If the mark is still there, dab at it and try a little water and hand soap in the restroom.

If you’re still looking for the perfect homecoming dress, search online for a great selection of dresses. You can find more when you check out at  

44.   Hair With a Mind Of Its Own

Stupid, flat, annoying hair. For some reason, it keeps frizzing out, falling down, and just not cooperating. There are a few solutions. You could try showing a little neck by having your hair done up in an elegant bun, or braid it.

55.  A Torn Homecoming Dress

Be sure to pack plenty of strong safety pins with you on homecoming night just in case the worst happens, and you tear your dress. Tears can be easy enough to conceal as you can affix them to your dress in advance. Make sure you place them in such a way that they won’t bust open and hurt you.

66.   Fake Tan Gone Wrong

Don’t try to look orange with fake tan for homecoming! It just looks silly and, well, fake. If you absolutely want to be tanned for the night, do your tan at least a week before homecoming, preferably on a Friday night so you can hide indoors all weekend to exfoliate it off if anything goes wrong.

These six tips should help you avoid some coming wardrobe malfunctions.

Disclaimer: This article is published in partnership of Mediabuzzer

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Beauty items worth going on a splurging spree (Guest Post)

As a working woman, I have my own money to spend and I do it freely; sure, I’m also saving up for a rainy day but a girl needs to let loose from time to time, don’t you think? Sure! An occasional splurge has never hurt anyone but it did make a lot of us oh-so-profoundly-happy.
Since I’ve been in the beautifying-myself-with-various-products game for a while now, I’ve pretty much learned the tricks of trade and I now know what’s worth a buck and what isn’t. That’s why, when I am talking to my girlfriends, I am always telling them not to feel remorse over spending their hard-earned money on beauty products. Especially if they’ve bought quality items that’ll not only last long but have an amazing effect on the skin. And, guess what – I am telling the same to you.
I am giving you a list of my favorite brands and products (most of these I’ve been using for years), and believe me when I say, you won’t regret buying them.
Here we go.

L’oreal Lip Liner Couture and Rimmel Lasting >>Finish Pencils

Never in my life have I had such amazing lip pencils like L’Oreal Couture and Rimmel Lasting. Both pencils have a rich, creamy texture, are easy to apply and last longer than expected. I use them instead of lipstick – they give a perfect, flawless-like matte finish to the lips and make them look fuller and luxurious. All shades are in both palettes – from nude and mauve to cherry and chocolate brown. I have them in all colors (both brands) – what can I say, I am hooked! Btw, they are incredibly cheap, too! 

Tinted Moisturizing Day Cream Nivea

I love this one! Tinted pigments even out your skin tones and give the skin a naturally brighter/darker complexion. As far as I’m concerned, this product is an essential day cream for the face and it serves perfectly as a replacement for heavy powders. You can purchase light, normal and bronze shade.

Asap Gentle Eye Make Remover

You have to invest in quality skin products, otherwise – all that makeup is for nothing. When your skin is treated with products that agree with your skin type, have a healing and nurturing effect, you can spend days makeup free and still look super gorgeous. Or, when you do use makeup and you want your skin to glow even after you’ve removed it, you want to have a product that works for you. My absolute favorite is  Asap skin care Gentle Eye Makeup Remover , a formula enriched with calming and soothing Aloe Vera and cooling Cucumber. It gently removes all traces of eye makeup without irritation and it’s leaving my skin soft, supple and beautifully clean. I use it every day and adore it.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch

Dark circles have met their match in this amazing product. Say goodbye to being asked “are you sick” whenever you fail to hide the dark spots under the eyes as this highlighter is doing magic! Also, it will make the skin appear brighter and more luminous – and it never looks cakey. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

It’s expensive, but it’s worth every penny! I love this Armani foundation because it feels weightless but it provides amazing coverage. I’ve been through plenty of formulas, but no other compares to Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation. And guess what? It’s available in impressive 24 shades, so there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect match for your complexion! 

Nars Orgasm Blush

The “orgasm” part in this blush’s name serves it justice - a swipe of Nars Orgasm on each cheek will elicit a healthy glow, every time. It looks different on everyone (I think it’s because of the shimmer) but it’s definitely a favorite, because it warms up your complexion and immediately makes you look awake.
With so many choices in the beauty department, it sometimes gets hard to focus and take your pick. And who can blame us – we are bedazzled by the amazing PR behind the products and the novelty that comes with. Luckily, I’ve made my choices and I’s sticking to them. Good luck finding your own!

  - Zara from

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