jueves, julio 28, 2016

Second Opinion // Una Segunda Opinión

Una vez leí un post de ideas para posts en el blog y había uno que decía algo como "pedile a tus lectores un consejo sobre algo" y en ese momento no pude pensar en nada en lo que necesitase ayuda, aunque me había parecido super interesante de escribir. Pero hoy siento que tengo una sobredosis del mundo y necesito preguntarle a ustedes si hay días en los que se sienten de la misma manera o si soy solo yo.  
Creo que estoy buscando a alguien que me diga que esta bien lo que quiero, lo que pido.
Siento como si ya nadie necesitara un cierre. Y soy muy mala para tratar de poner estos pensamientos por escrito (aunque amo escribir) porque creo que ni yo se bien que es lo que siento. 
Lo que estoy tratando de decir con todo esto es que a veces pasan cosas, cosas que uno no habla con la otra persona con la cual tenes el problema, ya sea tu hermana, papa, novio o amigo. Y soy la clase de persona que necesita hablar todo, no sirvo para guardarme las cosas, no puedo alejarme y dejar todo ir sin siquiera intentarlo, sin hablar de eso. Necesito cerrar esa etapa, esa relación, necesito saber que nos despedimos. 
En el ultimo tiempo estuve sintiendo que un montón de mis relaciones están llegando a un final sin siquiera hablar sobre que es lo que esta pasando, que es lo que nos esta pasando. 
Quiero decir, se que muchas veces no recibimos respuestas, la vida no es así, no te da lo que queres cuando lo queres, no siempre te da una respuesta, pero últimamente necesito una, necesito ese cierre. 
Son relaciones que se terminaron creo yo porque no teníamos nada mas en común, o porque cambiamos y nos dimos cuenta que era lo que queríamos hacer con nuestras vidas, con quien queríamos pasarlas y eso no nos incluía en el plan. Y esta bien, no tengo problema con dejar ir gente si no nos estamos ayudando a ser mejores personas, o si no tenemos nada mas en común, nada de que hablar. Pero hay días como los de hoy en los que necesito hablar sobre eso. Necesito que alguien me diga que esa persona en algún momento se preocupo por mi, que signifique algo en su vida. 
Hoy no estoy bien con el hecho de no hablar las cosas, de no decir por que nos sentimos como nos sentimos. No entiendo como una persona puede alejarse y actuar como si nada hubiese pasado. 
Creo que lo que quiero hacer con este post es descargarme un poco con ustedes, porque siento que este es como mi lugar seguro en el cual puedo hablar de lo que sea que este sintiendo. 
Y quería preguntarles a ustedes ¿que opinan sobre esto? ¿Alguna vez les paso? ¿Que consejo me darían? 

Once I read a post about posts ideas and there was this one that said something like "ask your readers for advice" and at that time I couldn't think of anything I needed help with, although the post was super interesting to me. But today I just feel like the world is too much, and I need to ask you guys if you feel the same way or if it's just me. I think that I'm asking for somebody that can tell me that's okay what I want, what I ask for. 
I feel like nobody needs closure anymore. I really suck at trying to put this in words (even though I love to write) because I don't even know what I feel. What I'm trying to say with all this is that sometimes things happen, things that you don't talk about with the person that you have the problem with, being that your sister, father, boyfriend or a friend. And I'm the type of person that needs to talk about everything, I can't just walk away and let it go without giving it a try, without talking about it, I need closure, I need to know that we say goodbye. 
But lately I've been feeling like a lot of relationships in my life are coming to an end without even talking about what's happening. 
I mean, a lot of these relationships ended because I think we didn't have anything in common anymore, or because we changed and we realized what we wanted to do with our lives, with who we wanted to spend it. 
But somedays, like today, I feel like I need to talk about, I need somebody to tell me why they acted like that, I need somebody to tell me that they once cared, that our relationship meant something at one point in their lifes, even if today it means nothing. I'm okay with letting go people if we're not helping each other to be better persons, or if we found out that we don't have anything to talk anymore, but today I'm just not okay with no talking about it.
I just need to know why people are so okay with no talking about things, without saying how they feel and why they feel like this. I don't get how can a person just walk away and act like nothing ever happened. 
I guess I just wanted to rant a little here in my blog with you, because I feel this is kind like my safe place where I can say whatever I feel. And I just wanted to ask you, what do you think about all of this I said? What advice would you give me? 


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  1. Interesting post. I defiantly think the key to any relationship is communication and understanding each others wants and needs. With that also comes maturity, for some people it "easy" to hide behind a text or just hang-up and walk away. Someone who wants the same thing as you will not do that - they will fight for you, they will communicate and try to compromise regardless of the situation. Keep you head up! Be Strong!
    Xoxo, Maggie

    1. Totally! Communication is the most important thing, and I'm still trying to understand why it's so hard for some people.. Thank you so much for the advice, you're absolutely right :)

  2. I think it's super brave of you to post something like this. My best advice is for you to learn that some people are like that, and that you don't always get a chance to talk. Good luck!

  3. Breath in and breath out, you will be fine darling..We are here for you. Thanks for opening up..Sending you loads of hugs.


  4. Uf. ¿A quien no le paso algo así? Creo que tendrías que hablarlo con las personas esas, la comunicación es super importante. ¡Suerte!

  5. I think you should try and talk with the person, see if you can understand what happened. If that's not possible than try to realise they don't function the same, but that's ok. You are very brave for opening up. Sending you lots of hugs.


    1. I should do that, but it's super hard to do with this type of people.. Thank you so much for the support!

  6. It is really hard to say why everything gets this way. As you said, it is weird that how people can change that much in such short time. Some are afraid of commitment and some just look around without any purpose, nowadays it is kinds hard to find someone who you can fully trust and rely on. Just follow your own way and I am sure one day there will be someone who will always be by your side!

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. This is exactly what I needed to read Ela! I guess I just need to live my life and trust that there are people in this world who can be trust. Thank you a lot for your comment ♥(:

  7. I think that needing closure is a very natural feeling. We often need to have a finalized end to be able to actually move on. I would say you can try to reach out to those whom you need closure from and they may be open to talk, but sometimes this is not an option or the person will not agree, which in that case you need to learn to be able to give yourself the closure you seek.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. I believe this is one of these cases where I need to find my own closure. It's hard but comments like this give me the courage I need. Thanks!!

  8. Funny but I feel the same way! I need closure too! I cannot get how people feel things and then nothing at all! Those being friends, lovers..
    You can never know what is in their mind or heart. Some people prefer to keep it to themselves and the sad thing is you might never know how they feel.
    Dora www.BangsBang.com

    1. Totally!! Like, don't you need to talk it?! I guess it's how our personalities are, but life is like this and we can't change how people act.

  9. I am so similar in that I need closure in my relationships to or even if there is an argument or miscommunication. I'm not one to talk about someone behind their back but rather approach that person with the issue and try to talk it out.

    xoxo Rina

    1. I know! I agree with everything you said, talking is always the best option


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