miércoles, mayo 25, 2016

Pamper Session Essentials

So today is wedsnday and I think that it’s the day on the week when you really need a good pamper. It’s the middle of the week. Maybe you’re having a great week so far or maybe not (in that case I hope everything gets better!) But I’m sure you all need a little while for yourself. So here are my essentials for those days:
Hoy es miércoles y pienso que es el día de la semana en el cual necesitas una noche para vos misma/o. Es mitad de semana. Tal vez estas teniendo una semana increible o tal vez no, pero estoy segura que todos necesitan un tiempo para ustedes. Así que acá están mis esenciales para esos días:

1. Music // Musica
I like to listen to an album that can make me a little melancholic and relax. Currently I have a list of songs I create here. But I also listen a lot the playlist called “Acoustic Morning” on spotify.
Me gusta escuchar un álbum que me haga sentir un poco melancólica y relajada. Ahora escucho mucho una lista de canciones que cree (link acá). También amo una playlist de spotify que se llama “Acoustic morning” y es muuuuy buena.
2. Candles // Velas
Light them all. This is oh so important. Just the smell and having them around me makes me feel so much better.
Encendelas todas. Esto es tan tan importante. Simplemente el olor de las velas me hace sentir mucho mejor.

3. Green tea // Té verde
I bloody love this stuff. I would have to write a whole another post talking about all the benefits green tea has, but you should really try it yourself. There’s so many flavours is impossible it doesn’t like you.
Amo tanto esto. Podría hacer un post entero hablando de todos los beneficios que el te verde tiene, pero en serio lo recomiendo. Hay tantos sabores y tipos que es imposible que no guste. 
4. Wash // Baño
A bath it’s the most important thing for pamper night, every single time. So you bring the music, bring the candles, bring the tea and dim the lights a bit. And then you’re done. Honestly, can something be more relaxing than this?!
Un baño es una de las cosas más importantes para una noche de relajación. Traes tu música, las velas, el té, bajas un poco las luces y estás listo. Sinceramente, ¿puede haber algo más relajante que esto? 
5. Shaving // Depilarse
Nothing makes you feel fresher than a good shave, right?
Nada te hace sentir más renovada, ¿verdad?
6. Cleanse // Limpieza facial
We need to give our face a proper clean at least once a week. So use your favourite products and make sure that you don’t leave the bathroom until you feel your face is like the one of a baby.
Tenemos que darle a nuestra cara una Buena limpieza al menos una vez a la semana. Usa tus productos favoritos y no dejes el baño hasta que tu piel se sienta como la de un bebe.  

7. Netflix - Book // Netflix - Libro
Curl up and watch an engaging movie. When pampering yourself, you don’t have to ask anyone’s opinion on what to watch, or argue with anyone about your pick.
Watch a chick-flick without guilt, a documentary, or whatever you like. This day is all about you after all.
On the other side, you can pick any book you want and read. Nothing feels better than just go away to another world while you're reading.
Cuando queres una noche para vos mismo nunca puede faltar una buena película. Este día es todo para vos, así que busca alguna película o serie que siempre quisiste ver y por x razón no lo hiciste y disfruta.
Por el otro lado, podes agarrar un libro que te guste y leer. Nada se siente mejor que irte a otro mundo por un rato mientras lees. 
8. Nails // Uñas
Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. After you have soaked in the tub, break out the polish and toe dividers and paint your nails with a color you link. Or, take it one step further and give yourself a French manicure.
Date a vos mismo una pedicura y manicura. Después de haberte metido en la bañera elegí un color que te guste y pintatelas!


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  1. Love this post! Pampering yourself is so important!

    Isabel x

  2. Girl I can relate to this list so much! I do everything you suggested besides the bath (I stick to showers since I'm too tall to fit comfortably in most bathtubs, haha).
    I may try and have a pamper day tomorrow now that this idea is in my mind.
    Great post, as always!

    xo, XOIIEE | Life in Style

    1. Hahah ohh they should make longer bathtubs! I hope you have a great pamper night. Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  3. Haha OMG back when I lived in my parents house and they had a huge tub, Friday nights used to be my unwind night. I would lie in the bathtub for hours, reading a book, playing music and just relaxing. After I moved to NYC and all the bathrooms had normal showers (no bath tubs), my bath rituals went away :( But this post totally made me miss them. Love it!


    michenn OOTD Black and White

    1. Friday nights are the ideal day to have a pamper session (well, in my opinion all the days are great hehe). Ohh well then you have a great excuse to go to your parents house haha :)

  4. I wish I had a bath at home... with a glass of wine, perfection!

    Denton & Lou 

  5. I actually just had a pamper evening last night! There is nothing better than a comforting bath after a long day!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  6. Omg I really need this. I've been stressing out lately. Thanks for sharing this!

    Love, Fads

  7. Ooh this looks so lovely. I definitely need a night in to pamper myself hehe. We all deserve it sometimes right :)

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  8. I love your essentials! But nails and shaving is too much of a hassle for me, haha. I hate doing that. It does feel amazing after but the whole process kills the mood for me :)

    The Nerdy Me

    1. Hahah yeah, it depends on what you like! Thanks for the comment :)

  9. Love this post! Thanks for sharing this.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my latest VLOG and my blog

  10. bonito post! y las fotos preciosas!




  11. Oooo I do love a pamper session! I'm all about those candles! xx


  12. Hola Pau! ¿Como andas? Me encantaron tus esenciales, la verdad que yo últimamente no tengo tiempo ni para un pamper session, honestamente. Pero creo que mañana me voy a dedicar a mi misma, es algo que todos deberíamos hacer! Gracias por compartirlo :) un beso y buen finde!


    1. Todo bien y vos? Jajaj noo yo menos! Pero bueno a veces esta bien dejar de lado las responsabilidades por un rato y relajarnos un poco. Ojala lo hayas hecho! Igualmente :)

  13. I love all of these tips and enjoy pampering nights here and there, they really recharge your energy =o)


  14. Pampering days are my favourite! Lush Bathbombs and Netflix are definitely a must, also a good glass of wine!


  15. yes. yes and...yes!! Loving the post!
    Dora www.BangsBang.com

  16. Un post genial, me ha encantado :)


  17. I love pampering sessions! Thanks for those lovely ideas x


  18. Yo tambien necesito un stop en algun dia de la semana para todos estos rituales de mimos

    Melange-Boutique Blog || Instgram

  19. Having a bath is my go to for when I want to pamper and relax! I love the idea of having it in the middle of the week!


  20. cool :)

  21. Amazing post dear, so interesting! Have a lovely day :-)


  22. Candles, tea, books or Netflix- so many of these are my essentials too! :D

    Thirteen Thoughts

  23. Lovely post. PAmpering is really important. It rejuvinates :)


  24. I love a good pamper session! I think having a nice bath with a Lush bubble bar or bath bomb then snuggling up with Netflix is my favourite way to chill <3

  25. que bien me vendría un baño con una bomba de esas ahora mismo, jajaja

    un beso guapísima

  26. Fab ideas! I haven't had a bath in so long, I want one now!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  27. Ahhh this really makes me want to run a bath right now, but it's already 9 PM and time for me to get it together and get to bed ;) xx Adaleta Avdic

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  29. Oh, yes! It's definitely time for relax. Thanks for inspiration! :)


  30. Me encanta hacer un "día para mi" o aunque sea una tarde o una noche. Muy buenas las propuestas que has hecho, son las ideales para un relax time.
    Un abrazo,
    Nuevo post: Anticelulíticos y Reductores

  31. When I self-pamper myself I usually go with my hair treatment, a facial mask, and a good chick flick! ;)


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  35. I agree with you about Green tea - it's so nice! x


  36. Great post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

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  38. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  39. Few things are better for the soul than taking some time for yourself <3 I think I'll take a bubble bath followed by a pedicure this weekend to release all the stress from packing! <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  40. Like the last photo :)
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    Maria V.

  41. What a lovely post :) pamper evenings are my fave! Candles, music & Lush are THE BEST :) xx


  42. Great post! Really inspiring ❤️ I gotta find the time to do it!

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  47. I bet you had a great time pampering yourself :* loved the post

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