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Five favourite things

Hello everybody! How are you? I feel so bad that I haven't post in soooo long, but college is literally taking over my social life and blogger life haha. I was in my desk thinking "what post can I do?", so I came up with the idea of showing you my five favourite things from all time.

Hola a todos! ¿Como están? Me siento super mal que no subí un blog en taaaanto tiempo, pero la facultad esta literalmente dejándome sin vida social y sin vida blogger jaja. 
Estaba en mi escritorio pensando "¿Que post puedo hacer?", y se me vino a la cabeza la idea de mostrarles mis cinco cosas favoritas de todo el tiempo

1. Denim Jacket
I've seen a lot of denim jackets but this is just perfect, I can't add anything else, I just love it haha.
You can find a similar one here 
Vi miles de camperas de jean pero esta es simplemente perfecta. Literal que no puedo agregar nada mas porque la vi y la ame jaja.
Podes encontrar una parecida aca

I own three watches but I wear this one almost everyday. I just think it's a classic and it goes perfect with all types of outfits, and it adds so much to any piece of clothing you have.
Tengo tres relojes pero este es el que uso casi todos los días. Creo que es un clásico y que queda precioso con cualquier outfit, ademas de que agrega un montón de onda a cualquier pieza de ropa que tengas!

3. Perfume
It's super hard for me to choose a perfume that I love but I think that is the most "light" and floral one I have, and I really like that type of essence. If you're looking for a perfume that is fresh and floral, this is the one.
Es super difícil para mi elegir un solo perfume porque amo todos los que tengo, pero este es el que mas "liviano" se siente cuando me lo pongo, es super floral y amo ese tipo de olor, sobre todo en primavera. Si estas buscando un perfume que es fresco y floral, este es el indicado. 

My favourite book is Into the wild or Walden, but I don't know if I could read them over and over again. With the help, I know I can. Is one of those books that is so well written and it's so easy to read that you could read it for the rest of your life.
Mi libro favorito es Hacia rutas salvajes o Walden, pero la verdad es que no se si podría leerlos una y otra vez. Con The help (no se como es el titulo en español) se que puedo. Es uno de esos libros que esta tan bien escrito y es tan fácil de leer que podrías leerlo por el resto de tu vida. 

I think I've heard this cd a million times. And it's that type of cd that you can't help but like all the songs in it. Maybe I don't listen it for a few weeks but when I hear it again I feel the same things I felt the first time I heard it. It's really amazing!
Creo que escuche este CD un millón de veces. Y es ese tipo de CD que no podes evitar que te gusten todas las canciones en el. Tal vez no lo escucho por unas semanas pero cuando vuelvo a escucharlo siento todas las cosas que sentí la primera vez que lo escuche. 

What are your five favourite things?
¿Cuales son tus cinco cosas favoritas? 



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  1. Really like the denim jacket!




  2. Love all your favourites! The denim jacket is so pretty and the CD is perfection <3 <3
    I missed your blog posts <3


    1. Thank you Kati, you're always so cutee!! And totally, the cd is just perfect

  3. I wish I had a denim jacket like yours! I have the same album; I love Arctic Monkeys.


  4. Adore the denim jacket! It's a classic and yours look so nice when it's all rugged.


  5. Love that denim jacket! Great favorites!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. Everyone love that parfume! I really want to smell it :) hehe


  7. Arctic Monkeys are the best! And that album is a real perfection :) I love this idea for a post and don't worry about being a bit inactive, college can get hard for sure.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I know!! I just can't get enough of that cd haha. Thanks for understand :)

  8. My cellphone, my sketchpad and books, lots of them!!
    Dora www.BangsBang.com

  9. Hola Pau! AMO el ultimo cd de Arctic Monkeys, aunque mi favorito es Humbug hahaha
    Gracias por compartir, suerte con la facu! xx


  10. I have always wanted to try wearing denim jackets but I just feel like they won't look good on me. And watches... People wonder why I don't wear watches. Just not my thing I guess. xD


    1. Hahah oh you should try to wear both of them! I'm sure they look amazing on you :)

  11. I love the Daisy Dream perfume! I think one of my all-time favorite things is a constellation necklace my boyfriend bought me for my birthday last year; it's a little gold circle on a chain with the Taurus constellation drilled in it. It's simple, and beautiful, and really feels like something that reflects my style :)

    --Clarissa @ The View From Here

    1. Ohh my godness that's the sweetest gift I've ever heard!! Super cute :)

  12. I really recommend both the book and the movie The Secret Life of Bees if you like The Help. The Secret Life of Bees movie always makes me cry:( but it's sooo beautiful.

    With Love,

    http://www.awostories.com | Instagram @imbrigita

  13. That is also my allllll time favourite album! LOVE the Arctic Monkeys!

    xx ❤ La Coco Noire

  14. Me encanta la chaqueta vaquera.


  15. Ohhh that really is the perfect denim jacket! I love it! Such a great post xx


  16. I really need to get a denim jacket, they are just perfect aren't they? I'd love to read The Help! I loved the movie. Wonderful picks <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. They are so perfect!! They literally look perfect with any outfit haha (I'm a fan) You have to read it! It's amazing :)

  17. I love all of these. Great photo.
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my latest VLOG and my blog

  18. me encanta la cazadora! es de esas que no pasa jamás de moda!

    un beso tesoro.

  19. I used to be obsessed with denim jacket, it was a big thing back then :) Daisy smells so lovely, I really like it!

    Ela BellaWorld

  20. The jacket looks great :)


  21. I love that denim jacket...I think I have about 5 denim jackets but my favorite one is falling apart. I simply keep sewing it back together because it's just my favorite, I can't part with it.

    The Help was such a great read! I really enjoyed it. Have you seen the movie also?

    Great post, hope that college is going well for you!

    xo, XOIIEE | Life in Style

    1. Haha I know! It's one of those items you can't let go. I saw it! I love it but I think the book it's better, what about you?
      Thanks for the positive message ♥

    2. I have to agree the book was better! Just because it went into scenes that the movie wasn't able to ... or chose not to cover. I connected with the characters more and understood why they did things. Though, I guess that can be said about most books that were turned into movies, haha.

  22. Great picks, I am writing this in my denim jacket and it is certainly on my favorites list as well!

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin' ll Join the Secret Guide

  23. I love that perfume and the denim jacket is very cool!


  24. Great post just as your all blog. I think that you are an awesome blogger, and I wish you luck in future! Kisses :* If you want, look my blog and follow me if you like it. <3 http://fdiarybyz.blogspot.hr/2016/05/dresslink-wishlist.html

    1. Ohh thanks! This is such a cute comment. Of course i'll see your blog :)

  25. Loved the denim jacket the most :) however still cant figure out what are my 5 favourite things :P


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    I hope that you will follow me back <3


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