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martes, abril 05, 2016

Hey everybody! How are you? Today I was thinking that all bloggers suffer from time to time the writer's block, so today I bring you differente posts ideas from when you are in one of those moods.

Hola a todos! ¿Como están? Estaba pensando que a todos los bloggers les pasa que de vez en cuando sufren del bloqueo del escritor, asi que hoy les traigo diferentes ideas para cuando estas en uno de esos días. 

  1. What's on my makeup bag
  2. Morning/Night routine
  3. Pamper routine
  4. Favourite mascaras
  5. Your go-to make up look
  6. A Q&A
  7. Instagram RoundUp
  8. Your favourites songs from all time
  9. Things you've learned over the years
  10. Introduce your readers the most important in your life
  11. Are you really good at something? Make a post about it!
  12. Any kind of DIY
  13. Outfit of the day/night
  14. Why you started blogging
  15. Make a list of people and links that help you grow your blog
  16. How your perfect day would be
  17. A haul of different things you bought recently
  18. Things you've been loving lately
  19. Make up routine
  20. Skincare routine
  21. A top 5 of your favourites trips
  22. Be a tourist in your city for a day and show us the things you can do there
  23. Your favourites apps
  24. How you edit your instagram pictures
  25. Tell your readers something you're scare of and why. Ask for advice.
  26. How do you see yourself in ten years?
  27. A roundup with pictures of your weekend
  28. Road Trip essentials
  29. Your mood lifters
  30. A tag post
  31. A list of the best books/movies/series you've ever seen/read and why.
  32. Ask your readers something about them. Get to know them, we wouldn't be here without them!
  33. Room tour
  34. Desk tour
  35. 5 blogs you love
  36. A recipe of your favourite food
  37. A day in your life
  38. Five things that makes you happy
  39. A review from a concert/movie
  40. How to stay positive and don't be stress when finals are coming.
  41. Your own 50 blog post ideas
  42. Rant about something. It's good to let it all go.
  43. A life-changed experience you have had.
  44. 10 Things you need in your closet
  45. Tell your readers about your style (clothes, hair, products you use, things you love to do,etc)
  46. A wishlist
  47. Stationery Essentials
  48. Confidence Boosters
  49. Your favourite cafe in your city
  50. Thoughts you've been having lately
  1. Que hay en mi porta-cosméticos
  2. Rutina de mañana/noche
  3. Rutina Pamper
  4. Tus rimels favoritos
  5. Tu go-to make up look
  6. Un post sobre preguntas y respuestas que tus lectores quieren saber (podes usar twitter/instagram/snapchat/tu blog para que te las manden)
  7. Instagram RoundUp
  8. Tus canciones favoritas de todo el tiempo
  9. Cosas que aprendiste a través de los años
  10. Introduciles a tus lectores las personas mas importantes en tu vida
  11. ¿Sos muy bueno/a en algo? Hace un post de eso!
  12. Un DIY, de cualquier cosa
  13. Outfit del día/noche
  14. ¿Por que empezaste a bloggear?
  15. Hace una lista de las personas y links que te ayudaron a hacer crecer tu blog
  16. Como seria tu día perfecto
  17. Un haul de diferentes cosas que compraste en el ultimo tiempo
  18. Cosas que estas amando últimamente
  19. Rutina de maquillaje
  20. Rutina de cuidado de la piel
  21. Top 5 de tus viajes
  22. Se turista de tu ciudad por un día y mostranos que cosas se pueden hacer en ella
  23. Tus apps favoritas
  24. Como editas tus fotos de Instagram
  25. Hace un post sobre un miedo que tengas y conta por que. Pedile a tus lectores consejo!
  26. ¿Como te ves en diez años?
  27. Un roundup con fotos de tu fin de semana
  28. Tus esenciales para un road trip
  29. Tus mood lifters
  30. Hace un tag
  31. Lista de tus libros/películas/series favoritas que viste/leíste y por que.
  32. Preguntale a tus lectores algo de ellos, no estaríamos acá si no fuese por ellos!
  33. Room Tour
  34. Desk Tour
  35. 5 blogs que amas
  36. Una receta de tu comida favorita
  37. Un dia en tu vida
  38. 5 Cosas que te hacen feliz
  39. Una review de un concierto/pelicula
  40. Como estar positivo y no estresarse en tiempo de finales/exámenes
  41. Tu propio post de 50 ideas
  42. Descargate y habla sobre un tema que esta molestando. Siempre es bueno escribirlo y dejarlo ir!
  43. Una experiencia que tuviste y que te cambio la vida o tu forma de pensar sobre algún tema.
  44. 10 cosas que hay que tener en el closet
  45. Habla sobre tu estilo (ropa, pelo, productos que usas, cosas que amas, etc,)
  46. Una wishlist
  47. Esenciales de cada estación 
  48. Tus tips para tener mas confianza en uno mismo
  49. Mostranos tu café favorito en tu ciudad
  50. Pensamientos que estuviste teniendo últimamente. 

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  1. I'm bookmarking this for when I have writers block! Great post as always lovely! xx


  2. What a wonderful resource for those moments when inspiration is lacking. Love the idea of the 5 favorite trips. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. I know, these posts are the best haha. I'm glad you like that one, it's a great way to remember them :)

  3. Hola Pau! Siempre con excelentes posts vos! jajaja
    Hace un tiempo había encontrado un post similar y me salvó la vida blogger asi que este tambien definitivamente va a marcadores.
    Gracias por compartir! Que tengas una buena semana :)


    1. Que linda Flor, muchas gracias!! Totalmente, cuando estas bloqueada o sin motivación estos posts te re ayudan :) Igualmente para vos!

  4. Saving this for inspiration when I need it! Thanks for the wonderful ideas! x

    - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  5. Such an inspiring ideas list! I might do a post on my make-up bag :)


  6. Thanks for all the great ideas! Bookmarking for one of those days when I'm racking my brain or trying to hard to make a DIY work that just won't ;)

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  7. This idea is amazing, thank you for the inspiration (: x

  8. A great list here, thanks for the inspiration!!!


  9. Wonderful, inspiring list! Will have to pick a couple from your list next time I'm stuck on blog topics/ideas.
    Thanks! <3


    1. Hahah you should! I'm happy they liked you :) thanks for reading!

  10. I absolutely love posts like this, there are some seriously fab ideas on here!
    Coleoftheball xx

  11. Ohh, thank you for this! You gave me an idea on what to blog next! :)


  12. This will be like the most useful blog post ever, I hate when I run out of ideas and then just walk around my room trying to figure out with something. Thanks for sharing!

    My Vogue Style | www.myvoguestyle.com

  13. these are great ideas! x

    jess x | wellwellgirls.blogspot.com

  14. Great suggestions, and its always good to get inspiration if you are having difficulty. x
    Pistachio Cake

  15. WOWWWWWW thank you!!!!!!!!!! Our blog is still new so this is really good!!! Thanks for the ideas!


  16. love this post! thanks for the ideas!


  17. This was very helpful. I needed some new ideas so I just jotted down some of the ones you listed. Thank you!

    Kathlyn | https://kathlynskorner.wordpress.com/

  18. Great ideas for posts,you just gave me an inspo for some of the next posts! :)


  19. This is one of the best "blog ideas" list I've seen, especially when you suffer writer's block like me, thanks for sharing :-)
    Life inside the Locket

  20. Such a great list! This is super helpful. I sometimes find myself in a bit of a slump, sitting in front of my laptop thinking jeez, there's NOTHING to blog about! Thanks for sharing :)
    xo, Katelyn | http://katieedidd.blogspot.ca

    1. I hate when that happens! Luckily you have a post now to see some ideas haha :)

  21. This post is saved on my PC. So, so helpful :)

    Ps Thank you for sharing!

  22. This is really helpful Paula. Great post! :)

    Real Life Nerd

  23. This was really interesting, I shall try to write about few of them soon :*


  24. Thanks for sharing this ideas! Good luck in blogging!

    My blog = http://youthfulblog.blogspot.com/

  25. This is SUCH a great list! I don't know how you came up with it but I'm stealing a few post ideas haha. Thank you so much!

    With Love,

    http://www.awostories.com | Instagram @imbrigita

    1. Haha oh it's such a honor that you use my ideas :) Thanks for the comment Bri!

  26. These are so cool c: thank you for sharing <3