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Road Trip: Part 1

Hello beatiful people! How are you today? I went to a road trip with my parents for two weeks and I have so much fun that I thought it would be nice to share it with you! It's going to be kind of a mini-series of three posts because I went to a lot of places. In this first post I show you 3 provinces of Argentina: La Pampa, Neuquen and Rio Negro. 

Hola a todos! Como están hoy? Fui de viaje con mis papas por dos semanas recorriendo distintas provincias de la Argentina en auto y fue muy muy divertido. Pude ver un montón de cosas que nunca había visto antes y pensé que seria genial compartir las fotos que saque con ustedes! Va a ser una especie de mini-series de tres posts en los que les voy a mostrar todos los lugares que vi. En este primer post muestro las provincias de Neuquén, La Pampa y Río negro. Espero que les guste!

Now you know why I love sunsets haha
Ahora saben por que amo los atardeceres

So, the first day we sleep in La Pampa and we were able to see this amazing sunset (mainly because almost everyday rained) and it made me thought how lucky we are to be gifted with a beautiful sunset. I felt really lucky and happy to be alive!

El primer día lo pasamos en La Pampa y pudimos ver este hermoso atardecer (porque la mayoría de los días llovió o estuvo nublado) y me hizo pensar la suerte que tenemos de que se nos regale un atardecer tan bello. Me sentí tan feliz y afortunada de estar viva!

I'm super proud of my mum for this photo she took, a great shot!
Estoy super orgullosa de mi mama por sacar esta foto, es una captura perfecta!

Then we went to Villa La Angostura and I was so excited to be there because, well , the pictures speak for themselves, right? It is a magical place. We stayed in this hotel which was literally the paradise, we had a beautiful view of the lake and you could use the kayaks or boats that were there, but as we had quite ugly days we couldn't use them. Either way, I fall in love with this place and I want to go back already!

Después fuimos a Villa La Angostura y estaba tan emocionada de ir ahí porque no iba desde que era muy chica y también porque bueno, las fotos hablan por si mismas no? Es un lugar mágico. Nos quedamos en este hotel que tenia una vista hermosa del lago y también podías usar los kayaks o los botes que estaban ahí, pero como nos tocaron días feos en los que no paraba de llover no los pudimos usar. De cualquier manera me enamore de este lugar y ya quiero volver!

Another day we went to have lunch in the Llao Llao which a famous hotel in Bariloche, Rio Negro. The food was delicious (I order a soup) and the view was incredible. It's such a cozy place!

Otro día fuimos a almorzar al Llao Llao, que es un hotel famoso en Bariloche, Rio Negro. La comida estaba deliciosa (me pedí una sopa) y la vista era increible. Es un lugar super acogedor y no me imagino lo hermoso que debe ser en invierno también. 

It seems like I was obssess with that pose but I wasn't, it just that it was so so windy!

Parece que estaba obsesionada con esa pose pero la verdad es que estaba super ventoso!

This is in the Los Arrayanes National Park (Neuquen) and to get to this viewpoint we had to make a half-hour walk, and although it may seem like nothing the road was so steep that it was a bit difficult to us but it was worth it to get to this viewpoint and admire the scenery that is really unique. Also that day we visited San Martin de Los Andes (also in Neuquen) which is beyond beautiful!

Esto se encuentra en el Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes (Neuquén) y para llegar a este mirador teníamos que hacer una caminata de media hora, y aunque puede parecer como nada el camino era tan empinado que nos costo un poco pero valió la pena para poder llegar a este mirador y admirar el paisaje que es único. También ese día visitamos San Martín de Los Andes (también en Neuquén) que es precioso!

This was the shortest River in the world, super cool haha

Este es el río mas corto del mundo!

The last night we had dinner at this beautiful hotel, called Las Balsas and we had a great time!

La ultima noche cenamos en este hermoso hotel que se llama Las Balsas y tuvimos una noche muy linda!

Then, on our last day in Neuquen we went to see two Volcanoes, the last one that has snow in it it isn't active but in the first one you can see that it was erupting (not lava, of course) but it's super cool to watch and it was a really great experience for me. Also, we went to the Salto del Agrio which is an stunning waterfall that you should see if you go to Neuquen.

Después, en nuestro ultimo día en Neuquén fuimos a Coviahue y Copahue y vimos dos volcanes, el ultimo que se ve en las fotos y tiene picos de nieve no estaba activo pero el primero en el cual se puede ver que esta erupcionando (no lava, obviamente) es increible a la vista y fue una gran experiencia que siempre quise vivir. Ademas, fuimos al salto del agrio que es una cascada imponente y es algo que hay que ver si visitas Neuquén. 

Stay tuned for the other posts next week, hope you like this one!


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  1. omg all the photos are amazing! I'm looking forward to see the next posts

  2. Omg this looks so fun! I have always wanted to go on a road trip. Cannot believe you got to see some of this beautiful scenery in person! And girl, I am loving that green maxi dress! Love it on you!

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

    1. You should some day Keri! It's beyond beatiful. Thanks you're super sweet!! I'm in love with that dress haha, is super comfy!

  3. Ahhhh so pretty! <3
    Amazing post! Looks so much fun!
    The photos are absolutely gorgeous!


  4. Incredible pictures and place! It's so dreamy!


  5. La foto de la vaca es muy buena! Que lindas fotos :))

  6. It certainly looks like you had a wonderful road trip filled with fun & nature. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  7. Pau, que hermosas fotos tomaste! Yo estoy planenado varios viajes para recorrer el pais y tu post me obliga a anotarme muchos para visitar sin falta! Espero con muchisimas ansias el proximo post :D
    Mate & Bizcochitos Blog
    M&B Facebook

    1. Gracias Flor!! Sii tenes que ir a estos lugares y los que voy a mostrar en los otros posts porque son divinos! Queres ir a algunas provincias en particular o a todas?

  8. I've always wanted to go on a road trip and yours seems like a lot of fun with amazing scenery. I need to go on a road trip myself.


    1. You should!! I'd love to see the pictures of it if you do one :)

  9. Gorgeous photos!! This looks like fun!


  10. Que lindas fotos! Tengo muchas ganas de ir a Vila Langostura, y ahora me dieron mas ganas! haha

    Records of my Troubles

  11. LOVE YOUR PICTURES!! Amazing I fall in love with all the views!

    Please check my Blog!! :)


    Alessa Bernal :)

  12. A 2 week road trip sounds like the best and worst thing at the same time haha. I'm sure that you had an enjoyable experience regardless judging from your pictures :)
    Have an excellent and productive Monday beautiful :)
    Much Love Karen

    1. Oh haha why the worst? Thanks, I did have an amazing time! Have an amazing week you too :)

  13. Those photos are gorgeous! I'm dying to see the next ones.

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    Instagram: @sarafqueiros

  14. I really see how much you enjoyed your holidays and do you know what? I also really enjoyed reading this post. It inspired me to travel more often to see all the amazing places in our world.

    http://lifewvicky.blogspot.com // I also invite you to read my post as well :)))

    1. Haha oh you're super sweet victoria thanks! I know, we live in a world with such incredible places to see!

  15. Wow!!!! So many cute pictures! Especially I love the ones with waterfalls!!!!! I can totally see that you enjoyed so much <3

    xo from Seattle,


    1. Thanks Aika!! Waterfalls are so beautiful and unique. Omg you are from Seattle? Is literally my favourite city in the whole world, you're super lucky :)

  16. I've never been to South America, but I'd love to visit! Gorgeous photos :)
    xo Kiki

  17. This is so inspirational, it makes me want to go on a road trip. I love your dress, where is it from?

    Ruby, xoxo

    1. Oh that's great, you should go like right now haha, it's from estancias chiripa, an Argentina brand :)

  18. So jealous that you get to take road trips with such beautiful views Paula! Consider yourself lucky :D Absolutely stunning!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  19. Beautiful photos! Looks like youre having a great time!




  21. Loved all your scenery pictures!

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