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Road Trip Essentials

While you're reading this I'm currently in a car starting my road trip! I wrote a few posts so they'll be upload during the week but I'll try to be as disconnected as I can because I just want to live the moment and enjoy all the nature that's going to surround me!

Mientras ustedes leen esto yo estoy en un auto empezando mi road trip! Escribí un par de posts y ya los programe así que van a estar subiéndose durante las próximas dos semanas pero voy a tratar de estar lo mas desconectada que pueda porque quiero vivir en el momento y disfrutar toda la naturaleza que me va a estar rodeando!

Cd's: You're going to be hours in the car and I don't know about you guys but I love to drive, listen to music and see the scenery
Vas a estar horas en el auto y no se que dicen ustedes pero yo amo estar arriba del auto, escuchando y cantando música y viendo el paisaje

Ipod and headphones: I don't get tired of listening to music but if the others get tired is good to have an Ipod so can listen only.
No me canso de escuchar música pero si con los que estas haciendo el viaje si lo hacen, siempre es bueno tener un Ipod y unos auriculares para escuchar vos solo

Sunglasses: I don't think I have to explain this one haha 
No creo tener que explicar este jajaj

Book: Reading is one of the things that makes me happy so is a must for me. Being in the cars with the windows down and just reading sounds perfect to me. I pick Walden from Thoreau because I'm going to the woods and there isn't a better place to read this book than there!
Leer es una de las cosas que me hace mas feliz. Estar en el auto con la ventanilla baja y simplemente leer y escaparte a otro mundo suena perfecto para mi. Elegi Walden de Thoreau porque estoy yendo a los bosques y no creo que haya un lugar mas perfecto para leer este libro que ahí!

Map: In case you get lost or maybe if you want to visit someplace new!
En el caso de que te pierdas o quieras visitar algún lugar nuevo!

Water: to stay hydrated
Para estar hidratado

Journal and pen: I get super inspire when I travel and I love to carry a book and a pen with me so I can write everything that comes to my mind!
Siempre me inspiro mucho cuando viajo y amo llevar un cuaderno y una lapicera así puedo escribir todo lo que venga a mi cabeza!

Camera: The most important one! If you're doing a roadtrip I'm sure you'll want to remember every little thing of it!
La ultima y mas importante! Si estas haciendo un roadtrip estoy segura que vas a querer recordar cada detalle de este!

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  1. Really good post! I like reading books and it make my happy too! <3 <3

  2. Great post! And good choices for the essentials :))

  3. Hi Paula! You're so lucky that you can read in the car, I always feel sick if I read so I just sleep hahahaha.
    Have an excellent and productive Monday beautiful :)
    Much Love Karen

    1. Hahah I get you! I used to get sick too but I got over it don't know how. Thanks for your comment :)

  4. Sobre todo el libro y el movil!


  5. Great essentials! Staying hydrated and having good tunes for the trip are so important!

    Rae Love from Berlin

  6. Ya tienes una nueva seguidora! good post
    kisses from spain
    Un saludo y feliz semanita!!!

  7. Yes to camera, journal and pen! I can't read in the car (due to motion sickness) therefore book is out of the topic haha :) Hope you have a safe trip Paula, do share your experience when you're back x

    Real Life Nerd //

    1. You can write but can't read? I envy you! I get so sick when I try to write on the road. Yes!! I'll be doing a lot of fun posts when I come back :)

  8. Great tips! I like the idea of having CDs and an iPod... I have both in my car, too!!

    All the Cute
    Latest Post: Printed Peasant Top

  9. I'm sure you're having so so much fun! I love roadtrips, too :) And yes, Cds are absolutely a must!

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

    1. Thank you!! I'm having a lot of fun, and cds makes the trip much more fun!

  10. I can't imagine driving without sunnies haha :) Even when the sun isn't really out :) Hope you had a fun and safe road trip! :)

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. I'm the same! Most of the days over here are cloudy and I still wear my sunglasses

  11. u covered almost everything essential for the trip. fantastically written too.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  12. Great essentials! I absolutely love the Ed Sheeran album too <3
    xx Ama


  13. A journal and a pen are always a must for me on long car trips too, I need them just in case I think of something haha! Great list, and enjoy your trip!
    xo Kiki

  14. These are such great essentials! Hope you have fun on your road trip!

  15. Such a lovely post! I spot Ed Sheeran haha (love him)

    Eva x

  16. All very important road trip essentials!


  17. Super post, gracias por tus consejos :)


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