miércoles, septiembre 10, 2014

My words

So.. I read this question in a blog that says: What is love?
For me love is the thing that is right is this messed up world, when it seems like nobody cares about nothing or no one. Love is the answer for all the problems, for example, when you fight with someone, I believe that if you can think at least one second with your heart, you will be able to let that fight behind, and I believe that you can apply this example to the other problems.
Love is family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, ex couples, future couples, your partner at work, at school, even that person that gives you the seat in the bus. Is kindness, is magic, is peace. 
I think love is not a human thing, is more than that, is something you can't explain with words, it something that make you do things you never believed you would do.  
Love inspire the best songs you had ever heard. 
It's more than a feeling, it's an energy in itself, capable of both creating life and taking it.
The love last beyond life. 


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